Mahmoud Aboudoma
I-act Director
Mahmoud Aboudoma (PhD) is theatre director of the “Alternative Theatre Group”, ATG (1990). He is the Director of the “Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe- Mediterranean). Moreover, he is the Head of Programs Unit and Consultant in the Arts Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
E-mail: Mahmoud Aboudoma

Awatef Ibrahim
Artistic Director
Awatef Ibrahim (PhD) is an actress/ trainer. She is a co-founder with Mahmoud Aboudoma in the “Alternative Theatre Group”, ATG (1990).
E-mail: Awatef Ibrahim

Nada Ramadan
I-act Coordinator
Nada Ramadan is a lecturer in the English Department, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University. In addition, she is the coordinator of the “Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (for Performances & Dialogue). She is also a pianist. She teaches piano in Conservatoire de Musique d’Alexandrie and works as free-lance translator (Arabic/English).
E-mail: Nada Ramadan

Margo Gorgui
I-act Coordinator

After receiving her BA in French Literature -Alexandria University-, Margo Gorgui began her career in the publishing and cultural field as a librarian and culture programmer at the French Cultural Centre in Alexandria; four years later she worked as a development editor and designer at Abydos Publications (Franco-egyptian publishing house).

In 2006, she joined I-act team as a culture coordinator for the Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups.

E-mail: Margo Gorgui

Abir Aly
Abir Aly got her theatre production training during Eva Bergman’s project in Alexandria “Midsummer Night’s Dream” 2003. She works in various training joint projects in the field of theatre. In addition, she is an expert in tourism (travel agencies and international airlines).
E-mail: Abir Aly

Khaled Raafat
Production Assistant

Khaled Raafat is an actor in the "Alternative Theatre Group" since 1990. In addition, he is the Production Assistant in I-act.
E-mail:  Khaled Raafat

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