The programme of publication is considered one of the major activities run during the Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe- Mediterranean). From the early beginnings, when we were still strategically planning I-act, we wanted the “book” to be present and available. Thus, publishing has been integrated into the programmes of the Creative Forum.

Our approach, therefore, was to translate and print theatre texts, for they are the founding element in the experience of the theatre performances themselves. Moreover, the act of translating and publishing those texts coming from other cultures is one of the major values of knowledge exchange that supports the theatre movement in Egypt. In the previous editions of the Forum, we translated and published many plays written by different playwrights who come from different backgrounds: local, regional and international.

Creative Forum 2006

  • Writing for the Stage:
    • Paper Dolls - Drisse Roukhe – Morocco
    • A Baghdadi Bath - Hafez Al-Jdidi – Tunisia
    • Oedipus from the East - Jawad Al-Assadi – Iraq
    • Tide of        Nights - Khaled and Naguib Gowaily – Egypt  
    • Women’s Perfume - Mahmoud Aboudoma - Egypt
    • The Day Hope Lost Its Memory - Némer Salamún – Syria

Creative Forum 2007

  • First Publication: “Three Texts from the Contemporary German Theatre
- The Third Sector
Written by: Dea Loher                       Translated by: Fausia Hassan
- Daily Bread
Written by: Gesine Danckwart          Translated by: Fausia Hassan
- Fake Reports
Written by: Kathrin Röggla              Translated by: Wissam Ibrahim

  • Second Publication: “Immigration Theatre”

Disciplinary Committee           Solimane Benaïssa       Algeria /France
The Elevator                              Tarek El Tayeb            Sudan/ Austria
Lover of the Darkness              Maged El Khatib            Iraq/Germany
Murder of the Third Dream      Yassin El Noseir/          Iraq /Netherlan
                                                   Awny Caroumy              Iraq /Germany
Exercises of Tolerance             Abdel Latif Laâbi      Morocco/France

Six Translated Theater texts - Creative Forum 2008




6 Femal Playwrites - Creative Forum 2009



“Exercises in Freedom”- Creative Forum 2010

This publication tracks the Creative Forum philosophy and influence through the past six editions was published. It was edited by the critic Guirguis Shoukry, who has tracked the effects of the Creative Forum throughout its six editions within the fields of theatrical performance, and programs of dialogue, training and publication. The book was also translated into English to facilitate its circulation among the European readers, as well as the Arabs.  


“Braids” (Arab Women Playwrights from the Mediterranean)- Creative Forum 2010