An Initiative by I-act and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe- Mediterranean) is a platform for contemporary theatre. At the same time, it is a practical phenomenon of the "anti-festival" concept, where formality is superseded by creativity. The Forum is also a meeting point for the independent theatre groups that work apart from official, governmental cultural institutions, working out a different artistic, creative and socio-political formula.

Through the Forum, we try to throw off all the fake masks that conceal the artists from their lives, make them lose their belief in themselves and spread the notions of isolation, alienation and mistrusting the Other. We, therefore, try to fight mistrust in this world, a world which suffers from a spiritual crisis, through theatre performances, real dialogue programmes, training, education, exchange of experiences and information, and building joint artistic projects between artists from different generations and backgrounds.

Through the Forum, we work in the following fields:

  • Contemporary theatre shows (performances, dance, plays).
  • Various training programmes.
  • International Classroom Theatre.
  • Dialogue programs:
    • Round-table discussions.
    • Publication.


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