The ATG is considered one of the creative projects nourishing under I-act. It was founded in the beginning of the 90s by Awatef Ibrahim and Mahmoud Aboudoma to become the first independent theatre group in the city of Alexandria. It is independent because it stands far away from the official culture, thus, moving from one land to another, aiming at spreading the values of change and developing the society. The ATG is an independent group also because it believes in the theatre’s capability to become a way of living or a methodology of creative thinking and to provoke the values of democracy, diversity and pluralism.

I-act, moreover, pays special attention to training and education conducted in an unofficial, liberal atmosphere, in which the distance between the trainer and the trainee is minimized and where there is a deliberate absence of the educational hierarchy that hinder the growth of humane feelings and underestimate its linkage to life.

During the last 18 years, the ATG has given various theatre performances in various locations, whether locally or internationally. Those performances discussed different ideas on the levels of both form and content. ATG has participated in many joint theatre projects with groups from Sweden, Austria, Germany and other countries. Moreover, the group has conducted throughout those years various training projects in different theatre fields, including the arts of acting and stage art.

In 2007, ATG’s quest towards forming its own Studio was crystallized. Through the ATG Studio, which aims at building a new generation of the young actors and putting them on the right professional tracks, the young actors will be trained by performing in professional theatre performances. At the same time, the Studio will conduct networking with the other I-act projects.


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