I-act is a non-profit organization that works in the related fields of theatre creativity with all its kinds and informal education.I-act emerged from a theatre background and its founders come from different cultural backgrounds. It was those founders who saw that one of the major aims of I-act should be highlighting and emphasizing the diverse resources of human nature and standing against the hegemony of knowledge. Consequently, I-act works on expanding the circle of informal education where the power of knowledge with all its negative connotations disappears. In addition, and through its various projects in the field of theatre, I-act aims at confronting the monopolizers of knowledge who only want to control the others and their feelings in order to lead them easily towards the prevailing patterns of consumption.

Since its foundation, I-act has strived for supporting and strengthening the role of the theatre as a tool of social and cultural development and, targeting middle class individuals and groups. In order to achieve that, I-act has worked on supporting the idea of believing in the diversity of knowledge and creativity. Consequently, one of our major goals has been working on reviving the Mediterranean culture with all its circles and various interactions, from the north and west of the Mediterranean and the fringes of Europe in the east and west, to the African coast and east of the Mediterranean where Asia and Africa intersect and where the different cultures and religions meet.

It was the destiny of Alexandria to become the meeting point of the Greeks, Turks, Persians, Romans, English, French and Italians.It was ancient Alexandria that carried art, science, poetry and philosophy from Memphis, Heliopolis, Theba and Tell El-Amarna where the Nile peacefully flows to Athens and Rome and then to the rest of Europe.
We could not have ignored such a rich background while programming our projects, whether in the fields of theatre, training, dialogue, experience exchange, translation or publishing of theatre texts. You are welcomed to view our various projects and programmes through this website.